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Benefits of a Spring AC Tune-up

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April 16, 2018

Like most systems working in your home, your air conditioner needs professional maintenance. As temperatures rise outside, you’ll rely on your AC more and more. If you turn your AC on for the first time and find that it’s not working properly, it can be a major inconvenience. This is why spring is the best time to give your AC a little TLC. To prepare your cooling system for the heat, call ProSolutions for a tune-up.

Benefits of a Spring AC Tune-up

Your AC should be professionally serviced at least once a year. Tune-ups and inspections allow a professional to check the shape and working condition of your unit. If any areas of concern are detected, your service tech will be able to address them before they have a chance to escalate. With a little attention along the way, your air conditioner will be able to provide cool comfort to your home for years to come!

  • Reduced stress on your AC. Any AC that is running inefficiently is working overtime to meet the cooling demands of your home. It’s also using more electricity just to function, which can reflect on your electric bill.
  • Improved air quality. Did you know that an old or damaged air conditioner can negatively impact the air quality in your home? Debris like dust, pet dander, or mold can build up in your equipment or duct system. This can cause asthma symptoms to worsen and other breathing related illnesses to pop up.
  • Higher efficiency. If your AC is running inefficiently, it’s sucking up far more electricity than necessary. To fully meet the cooling needs of your home, your air conditioner should have a tune-up.
  • Lower utility bills. Have you noticed a spike in your electric bill? It could be caused by your air conditioner isn’t working properly. A professional tune-up will help save you money on your utilities.
  • Better cooling and comfort. No one likes when it’s uncomfortably hot, but extreme heat can be dangerous for some. The young and the elderly are especially at risk, so it’s important that your home stays cool in the heat. After a tune-up, your cooling system will be able to keep your home effortlessly cool and comfortable.

Why Choose ProSolutions?

If one part of your air conditioner is struggling, the whole system can be affected. If there is a problem with your cooling system, our trained and certified professionals will be able to find it. Your tune-up will include:

  • Thermostat 3 point check and calibration
  • Blower 4 point check and cleaning
  • Motor 7 point check and lube
  • A new filter as required
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Check and clean condensate
  • Check, clean and lubricate outdoor condenser
  • Refrigeration lines inspection
  • Test refrigerant charge
  • Check compressor operation

Our comprehensive checklist covers your entire system, so what are you waiting for? Let us help you stay cool and comfortable all spring and summer long.

Call ProSolutions today to schedule your AC tune-up!