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30 December 2016
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Furnace repair is highly important this season if your current heating system isn’t working to the best of its abilities. If you suspect a problem, it needs to be fixed immediately. All it may take is one repair to ensure your comfort throughout the entire season. This will require you to pick up on the various warning signs letting you know that your furnace is in serious danger.

Problem Signs Indicate Your Need for Furnace Repair

One of the most signs of a problem is odd noises. That’s right; even though your furnace shouldn’t be making a peep, it is cause for concern when your furnace begins to perform its own rock concert in your home. You may hear clicking, booming, and even screeching. The thing you should also know is that each furnace sound will indicate a different problem. A clicking and booming noise, for example, may indicate two different issues with the furnace. If you don’t know the difference between each one, it may prove difficult explaining your furnace troubles to a professional when the time arrives for repair. In fact, you may not even contact a professional at all and instead allow problems to worsen. As we enter the coldest season, you can’t afford to remain unknowledgeable on the subject, so now is a better time than ever to brush on your knowledge of the subject. It may prove the one thing that will guarantee your comfort for the entire winter.
Why Should You Call ProSolutions for Service?

Why Call ProSolutions for your Furnace Repair?

ProSolutions should be your first choice for high-quality heating service this winter. We want homeowners across Edmonton to experience a steady flow of heat in their home that will keep them comfortable even during this season’s worst weather. Durable, long-lasting repairs from one of our licensed, fully-trained heating contractor will ensure you avoid high spending on future repair bills. You will also not have to worry about furnace replacement either, which could have otherwise been a possibility had you allowed problems with the system to continue. Our team will ensure you have a new heating system from one of the top brands. Plus, with a better-working furnace in your home, there’s no denying learning a little bit more will do a lot for home comfort. You’ll walk away with a better sense of furnace sounds so you’ll be much more capable of explaining heating troubles to a professional and gets the repairs your system needs. For highly-efficient heat and comfort for your family, calling ProSolutions for service will be the wisest move you make this winter!

The 5 Most Common Furnace Noises

Since your furnace shouldn’t be making any noise whatsoever, perk up your ears the next time you hear these 5 common sounds:
1. Clicking: A clicking noise can be indicative of a wide range of problems. It may indicate problems with the furnace’s spark igniter not working, which can lead to a serious problem. After the thermostat requests heat, the ignition system must be energized. Only then can the gas valve open, the furnace burners light up, and the furnace blower come on so you can receive heat in your home. A clicking noise could also indicate issues with the thermocouple, which is a flame sensor that opens a gas valve to the furnace burners. It may also be due to the pilot flame not striking the thermocouple in the right way. If the flame sensor does not sense that the flame is lit, the spark ignitor will simply spark over and over until it gives up. It could also be that the gas valve is not energized, as there will be no gas if there is no ignition.
2. Booming: Booming noise may indicate ignition problems, which can wind up causing severe damage to your furnace or result in a fire if not maintained properly. When your thermostat requests heat from the furnace, a gas valve opens and sends gas to the burners of the furnace in order to ignite it. If the gas is not ignited immediately, the gas will build up in the furnace until it finally ignites and causes an explosion within the system. The resulting explosion is what creates the booming noise.
3. Screeching: A screeching will most likely indicate that there is an issue with the motor bearing or the belt. This is not as dangerous as some of the other noises, but you should still make sure it is treated right away. If not, you may wind up spending more money on repair.
4. Rattling: The rattling that you hear is the noise that is caused by that component banging against other components. While it may just be a loose screw, you should still take it into serious consideration. Though the rattling can be stopped by tightening cover panels, don’t rule out the possibility of a gas leak in the heat exchanger. This can be much more dangerous, as it can result in carbon monoxide infiltrating your home.
5. Chirping: If you observe that the chirping sounds are still occurring even after the unit has been operational for a quite a bit of time, you should call a furnace repair technician to look at your unit. While the sound usually indicates that the unit is warming back up from a long period of sleep, it may also mean the furnace belt needs to be replaced.

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