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ProSolutions Partnering With City of Edmonton on Their HOPE Grant Program

 There may be things in life that are a necessity, and sometimes those things come in the form of home renovations.

If you know that you are in need of an update in your home, but don’t think you can afford it – think again! The city of Edmonton is offering a HOPE grant to help you afford these necessary repairs.

The Housing Opportunities Program for Edmonton aims to help qualifying-income homeowners bring their house to a minimum standard of health and safety in terms of plumbing, heating, electrical, structural, fire safety, and energy efficiency. The program offers funding up to $20,000.

Goals of the HOPE Grant

  1. Improve housing conditions.
  2. Improve access to affordable housing.
  3. Address the ongoing demands for home repair funding.

And why should ProSolutions customers care about this? Because we’re on board, too! ProSolutions is proud to partner with the city to help achieve these goals.

Requirements to Qualify for HOPE Grant

The requirements are based on household size and income threshold from January to December of 2014:

  1. One person has to make $33,517 or less.
  2. Two person home has to bring in $50,879 or less.
  3. Three person home has to bring in $54,857 or less.
  4. Four person home has to bring in $65,662 or less.
  5. A home with five or more people have to bring in $68,960 or less.

Don’t count these renovations out just yet. See if you qualify and, if you do, don’t hesitate to contact ProSolutions for help on moving forward. We hope to hear from you soon!