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Air Conditioning Repair in Edmonton

As a property owner in Edmonton, you’re best advised to know when to call for air conditioning repair. Even in Edmonton summers can be extremely hot and humid, and it’s only logical that we take shelter from the heat in an air-conditioned building. But if your AC doesn’t work properly, you’ll most likely find yourself feeling uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Even worse: if you or anybody else in the building suffer from breathing problems or allergies, not having a properly functioning AC can cause serious health problems.

How to Know When You Need Air Conditioning Repair:

  • The appliance fails to cool the room. Obviously, if you turn the AC on and the room temperature doesn’t drop, there’s something wrong. This can be anything from the coolant needing refilling to the thermostat not working anymore.
  • Your air conditioning unit leaks. This usually indicates a blocked tube that prevents the condensation from being sluiced off.
  • The AC emits an unpleasant odor. This can indicate a number of problems, including mold or mildew, electrical issues or even a mice or other pest infestation.

In addition, if your air conditioning unit makes a lot of noise or strange noises, or if it doesn’t reduce air humidity, it needs to be serviced.

Calling the Pros

Unless your AC can be fixed by simply cleaning or replacing the filter, you’re best advised to call a professional HVAC technician to fix your appliance. The team at ProSolutions are all highly experienced and trained in all the latest technologies, so they’ll know how best to repair your unit. Of course, you might even be interested in replacing your unit or installing central air. We can help you with both of these options, too.

So to prepare properly for the upcoming summer, take half an hour to check how your AC is working. And if you notice anything that’s not quite right or if you simply want to know about other AC options give us a call today.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair

  1. Longer life
  2. Optimum operating performance
  3. Avoid permanent damage to other main AC components
  4. Have a cool Home
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