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Edmonton Plumbing Problems Solved

Edmonton Plumbing Problems Solved

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At ProSolutions, we handle calls regarding several common Edmonton plumbing problems. There are some problems that just about anyone could fix, but many others need the expertise and experience of a skilled plumber.

Noisy Pipes in Edmonton

Copper pipes typically make noise when they expand and contract. This is normal, and while it may be a source of annoyance it should not be a source of concern. About the only thing you can do is to try and make sure your pipes aren’t rubbing against anything.

Many times, water pipes are installed through a wooden floor. The hole for the pipe, in many instances, is drilled too small so the pipe rubs against the wood. As a hot water pipe expands and contracts it can make a noise that almost sounds like it is dripping. If this is happening in your home then you’ll need to either enlarge the hole or insulate the part of the pipe that rubs against the wood.

You may also have pipes rub against each other on a rough surface, either under your floor or inside your walls. For example, your dishwasher’s water supply pipe may be rubbing against this type of surface. A “hammering” type sound often occurs when a water heater has an energy-saving nipple at the top.

Another typical problem in regard to noise is pipes making a “rattling” sound. This is usually caused by a loose faucet washer. Take off the screen at the end of your faucet and flush it out. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the washer.

Common Toilet Problems in Edmonton

There are a couple of things that you can do if your toilet doesn’t flush properly. Bend the float arm upward if you want more water in the tank, because this makes the water level rise higher before the ballcock shuts it off. If the water level consistently rises above the overflow tube, bend the float arm down. You may have a model that allows you to turn the overflow tube to adjust the water height.

Common Galvanized Pipe Problems in Edmonton

If you see rust flakes in your water, then the zinc used to protect your galvanized pipes has probably corroded. This is a problem that must be addressed by a professional by replacing your galvanized pipes with copper piping.

By Dan Burrows

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