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Edmonton Sewer Replacement

Edmonton Sewer Replacement

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It can be a home or business owner’s worse nightmare, your sewer develops a problem and you need to consider replacement. You may be feeling stress or frustration with your sewer problems and want to call a reliable plumbing contractor to complete the replacement. The right choice for home and business owners in the Edmonton area is ProSolutions. ProSolutions has over 25 years of experience and is reliable, honest and trustworthy.

About Sewer Problems in Edmonton

There are several signs that you need to look for when considering if you have a sewer problem.

  • Strange Smells
  • Weak or damp ground
  • Erratic water flow
  • Frequent clogs
  • Visible damage

How Are Sewer Problems Repaired in Edmonton?

The most important step in determining the type of sewer problem you have is to inspect your sewer lines. ProSolutions uses drain cameras to inspect the inside of your sewer pipes. The cameras allow our technician to detect and inspect the actual problems you have in your sewer pipes.  One of the great advantages of drain cameras is that they allow us to pinpoint the exact location and problem in your sewer.

Once we determine the extent of your problems, we will go over all of your repair or replacement options. ProSolutions uses pipelining technology to line your pipes and repair the issues without causing extensive damage to the surrounding property and landscaping. For sewer repairs, you have the option of CIPP cured-in-place resin lining, slip lining and pipe bursting.

CIPP cured-in-place resin lining involves the use of a liner that we soak in a resin solution. We then pull or push the liner into place in your sewer line and inflate it with a bladder to keep it in place as it cures. This type of repair is as strong as conventional pipes and helps fix gaps, leaks, and holes.

Slip lining involves pulling a new, smaller diameter pipe into the existing sewer line. This type of repair will reduce the diameter of your sewer pipe but will give you a completely new pipe.

If the damage in your sewer is to the point that a repair is not an option, we will recommend replacing the sewer line. Replacement may be possible with a technique called pipe bursting. Pipe bursting involves inserting a conical shaped head into the sewer line and using it to break apart the existing pipe. Behind the conical head, we pull a new sewer line into place. This technique can reduce the damage to your home and property and only involves digging a few strategic holes.

ProSolutions understands the stress that replacement can cause; we respect your home and will make every effort to reduce the amount of disruption to you and your home or business. We are also available for your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have your sewer line serviced today, call ProSolutions.

By Dan Burrows

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