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Frequently Asked Questions

Air Conditioning

How much does air conditioning cost?

Of course it depends on the type of system that you need but for a typical entry system for a home of approximately 1200 sq ft you will range from $3000.00 and up

Are they efficient?

Yes, today’s models are very efficient in their use of power. They start at 13 seer, which is a power energy rating, and go as high as 20+. As recent as 15 years ago you would see ratings of around 8 seer.

I heard about the new refrigerant, what’s that about?

The typical refrigerant used in air-conditioning systems has been R-22. The new environmentally friendly refrigerant is now R-410 A or (Puron). R- 22 will start its phase-out in 2010.

Does an Air conditioner use refrigerant?

No, it uses refrigerant to operate but will only use or go through refrigerant if it has a leak just like your car.

Are there different sizes of air conditioners?

Yes, air conditioners are sized by the area that is to be cooled and must be carefully matched to the air mover, or in most cases the furnace blower

Can I finance my new air conditioner?

Yes, it’s easy! See our Financing page for more information.


What is energy star? 

An energy star furnace is a high-efficiency furnace that is rated over 90 % efficient and is condensing. Most rebates are tied to energy star equipment.

My house is older and I was told that I should not get a high-efficiency furnace, is that correct? 

No, the older the home the less airtight they tend to be, so it stands to reason that it would take more gas to heat the home. Therefore the higher efficient furnace will use less fuel thus saving you more money.

When should I consider replacing my old furnace? 

The life expectancy of a furnace will vary, but a rule of thumb is 20 to 25 years. If your furnace needs a major repair and is around this age, replacement should be considered.

What is the payback for changing my old furnace to a new one? 

If your old unit is only 50% efficient and your new unit is 95% efficient, the dollars you save by buying less gas and electricity are calculated as payback against money being spent operating and repairing an old unit.

Can I finance my new furnace? 

Yes, this is easy to do and makes sense since the savings you will gain by spending less on gas and electrical bills can cover can sometimes cover the interest making it comparable to a 0% loan. That makes good financial sense. Please refer to the Financing page for more information.

Should I buy an extended warranty?

Well, your new furnace is very high tech compared to the old one and has many more moving parts and safety controls. Plus it works many hundreds of hours per year. So the extended parts and labor warranty is usually a very worthwhile investment. Please refer to the Warranties page for more information.

Boiler Systems

Why does my boiler system need so many repairs?

Hydronic and floor heat systems are quite complex and have many components. If you re experiencing multiple repair costs, something is not right and an analysis should be performed by a hydronic expert.

My system is noisy, is that something to worry about?

High noise levels are generally a good indicator of a problem and an analysis should be performed.

Why do my zone valves or pumps keep burning out? 

This is generally an indication of a dirty system and a test should be done to identify the reason this is happening.

My system makes an air noise and there is no heat in certain areas, what is the problem? 

This is an indicator of a system leak which is causing make-up water to be introduced into the system. This is serious and will cause many problems. A professional should be consulted for help.

My boiler makes a loud rumbling noise, what is that? 

This is either a problem with the boiler exchanger being plugged or a symptom of poor system circulation. Both issues would need to be rectified ASAP.

My safety valve keeps going off and releasing fluid, why?

This can be related to a number of problems and should be addressed. It could be a failed or flooded expansion or cushion tank, a faulty water make-up valve causing excess pressure or excessive high-temperature safety situation. Any of the above could cause this situation. The safety valve is doing its job by releasing and is likely indicating a problem. Have the system checked ASAP.


I have poly B pipe in my house should it be replaced?

Not necessarily, there was some problem with the pipe and it was discontinued but most of what was installed has performed problem free. If you have experienced leaks and breaks then you should replace, but if not it should be fine.

I can buy a fixture at a box store why would I buy it from you?

No problem, we install customer supplied products all the time. The only issue is if the product has a failure or issue which seems to happen a lot these days we do not warranty the problem and you will have to pay twice for removal reinstallation and lost time. If we supply the product all that is covered by us at no cost to you, that’s a good deal.

My water bills are high what is the problem

The main culprit is a leaking toilet. This can be a bit hard to notice, but can cause a real increase in water consumption. An easy test is to put a little food coloring liquid in your tank and see if it shows up in the bowl if it does there is a problem.

Back-Flow Protection

Where does the valve go?

It is installed in the main sewer line where the line leaves the building

How do you know where the line is?

In most cases a trained plumber can locate the line but in some cases a camera and location device may be required

Is there a mess?

Yes, the concrete will have to be broken up and removed as the line will have to be exposed. The line will then be cut and the valve installed. There must be adequate grade. There is an access cover installed so the unit can be serviced annually. This can be done by the homeowner. We tarp off and are very clean but it is a dirty job

Is there a city rebate?

Yes the city has a rebate program check their website for details

Do I need a sump and pump?

Possibly, depending on the area of the city and how the weeping tile is tied into the sewer.

I have never flooded before and am not eligible for any rebate why should I invest in a backwater valve?

YES absolutely! Floods can happen at any time, in any part of the city. We are talking about flash rain storms and they can hit anywhere. When they do it is too late to do anything. If the storm and sanitary lines are overwhelmed basements are lower than the street manholes by 10 to 15 feet and they will back up. Your only protection is a flood stopper device. The cost and mostly the incredible loss and inconvenience are immense as you will lose possessions. It can take years to fully rebuild. The flood stopper is the best insurance you can get.

Gas Lines

I need a line run can I buy the pipe and do the work myself?

Consider first that a gasfitter is highly trained in working with gas. This work may look simple to do but requires special tools and training in the properties of the fuel as well as proper sizing. The company has the license and insurance to protect your property in case of a problem. This is work for the professionals.

Is gas pipe the same as water pipe?

No, gas piping has special properties unique to gas.

If I smell gas what should I do?

Open windows and doors leave the room and call the gas company.



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