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6 Most Common Furnace Service Myths

6 Most Common Furnace Service Myths

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A furnace service should be your highest priority this season, especially if you want to ensure your family is kept 100% comfortable. The temperatures here in Edmonton are already on their way down, so you need to make sure to take care of your heating needs before the season’s worst weather arrives. Unfortunately, some myths have been swirling around about installation, repair, and even regular maintenance that may lead you down the wrong path in trying to heat your home. Some of them have become so prevalent that they’re taken as gospel. Well, almost. For every half-truth spread about heating, there is always guaranteed to be a licensed technician out there to prove it false and you need to make a point to call them up immediately. After all, one small mistake with your home’s heating may result in you paying more money for service than you were intending. By taking one piece of misinformation on how to heat your home properly as truth, you may risk spending more on heating repairs and energy bills. You may also need to consider a furnace replacement due to a shortened lifespan or significant physical damage. All of these expenses can lead to huge amounts of stress throughout the season and if you want to avoid all of it, you need to know how to separate facts from fiction so you are heating your home properly.

Why Should You Call ProSolutions?

Fortunately, ProSolutions will be able to provide you with high-quality heating services this winter that will ensure you experience comforting heat without the additional high amounts of stress. Our heating technicians are fully-trained and licensed to take on any heating work this season. No matter if you need installation, repair, or replacement, you can always count on us to go the extra mile to provide service. We can also show you what mistakes you should avoid with your home heating so you are not spending more money on bills than necessary. Once you have greater knowledge on how to take care of your furnace, you are bound to save so much more on bills and extend the lifespan of your furnace so you will have highly-efficient heating for years. Above all else, you will enjoy greater relaxation in your home knowing your family’s heating needs are secured. A call to ProSolutions during the winter is a way to guarantee a better peace of mind.

What Heating Myths Should You Avoid?

If you want to avoid believing any half-truths about your heating system, please take note of these 6 common myths on furnace service:

  1. “Closing Vents Will Reduce Heating Bills” There are actually quite a few homeowners out there who think they will be able to reduce the costs of heating bills just by closing vents. Unfortunately, this will prove rather ineffective. This tactic can effectively block heat from going to certain rooms while the furnace is still producing it, giving rise to cold spots in areas where you may need heat the most.
  2. “Cold Spots are Normal” No, cold spots are not normal, especially if you are not getting heat in the essential areas of your home. They could be a sign of a serious problem with your furnace requiring the attention of a professional. It could indicate you have an improperly sized furnace, or the air filters are blocked.
  3. “It Costs More to Raise and Lower Heat” Homeowners will also think a good way to lower costs by refusing to constantly raise and lower the temperature on their thermostat. What they don’t realize is that this is actually a perfect way to save money on heating.  You can lower the temperature on your thermostat in situations when nobody is home so your heating system isn’t working so hard to produce warm air.
  4. “The Temperature Must Be the Same in Every Room” Though cold spots are means for concern, every room in your home doesn’t need to be at the same temperature. In fact, giving each room the same amount of heat may cost you more on bills. Fortunately, modern furnaces have zoning capabilities, so you will be able to break up the division of heat and not have it go to rooms currently not in use.
  5. “Furnace Size is Irrelevant” Installing the wrong-sized furnace may result in poor energy efficiency and shorter system lifespan. Worse, you will be spending money on furnace replacement far sooner than you anticipated. It’s always important for a heating technician to conduct measurements around the house before any installation begins.
  6. “You Can Forget about a Furnace after You Install” You can’t simply forget about your furnace after you install it. You need to make sure to perform routine furnace maintenance throughout the year so any small issues will be fixed before they worsen or else you may find yourself spending more on repairs due to frequent system breakdowns.

Contact ProSolutions today if you want to stay warm in your home this season with our excellent furnace service!

By Dan Burrows

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