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Furnace Troubleshooting Guide for Edmonton Homeowners

Furnace Troubleshooting Guide for Edmonton Homeowners

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If your home is currently using a gas furnace for heat supply, knowing how to check your unit for problems can be very valuable to you. Being able to recognize and correct the smaller issues that may arise can go a long way towards saving you money on costly furnace repair.

Turning on your Gas Furnace

Typically, the thermostat that controls your home’s air conditioning system also controls the heat from your furnace. If you don’t have a central A/C system, the furnace will be the only appliance controlled by your thermostat.

Checking and Changing your Furnace Filter

In order to check your furnace filter, you must first open the door of the unit and remove the filter itself. Simply remove the dust, wash and dry the unit and then place it back into its place. Be sure not to use the furnace while the filter is removed. This filter must be replaced with a new one every 2-3 months.

Testing the Airflow of Your Furnace

Testing your furnace’s airflow can be done in a simple, five-minute time frame. You must simply walk around your house and feel for the airflow coming from the furnace blowers and vents. If you are having problems with airflow, your home may not have the sufficient ductwork to fit your needs.

What to do if your Gas Furnace Fails to Ignite

One of the major causes of ignition failures in home furnaces is an unlit pilot light. If you experience this problem ,you must turn the gas cock off and push the pilot reset button while turning the cock to the “pilot” setting. You must then find a fire source like a lit match, lighter or sparkler to hold near the furnace pilot to relight the unit.

How to Properly Remove Vent Blockages

Preventative maintenance and cleaning of the vents and ducts of your furnace can remove potential blockage-creators like dirt and buildup. These blockages can cause major problems for you when they begin to cut off the heat circulation in your home. Also, ice in the wintertime is another major cause of vent blockages. Always remember to turn off the machine before beginning to clear the blockage or ice.

Stopping Air Leaks and Preventing Heat Loss

If air is seeping out of your home and into the wilderness, your furnace must work overtime just to keep you living at your desired temperature  Sealing any gaps in your system with caulk and placing weather strips around doors will help to keep your home warm while preserving the work of your furnace.

What to do if a Smell of Gas is Detected

If at any time, you or a family member suspect that there is a smell of gas in the home, evacuate the premises immediately. Do not use any type of match, lighter or electrical device until you are a safe distance away from the home. Upon evacuating, quickly place a phone call to your gas company.

By Dan Burrows

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