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Boiler Installations Edmonton

Boiler systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home and one of the most economical ways to deliver comfortable, high quality heat throughout your home. By dispersing hot water through radiators, fancoils and under floor joist space heating, a modern high efficient boiler can offer the most comfortable and quiet home heating system readily available in our community.

Boiler Installation Options

  1. Mid-efficient/natural drafting atmospheric boilers are still allowed to be installed in Canada at this time. Out of the box they are 80% gas efficient and go on 100% and then shut off after the demand is finished. Basic boiler system.
  2. Mid-efficient 85%+ gas efficient 2-stage gas valve with draft hood damper. The extra gas valve staging once again allows to enhance the efficiency slightly of the boiler and use less gas overall. Starting at close to 50-60% 1st stage fire and then 100% fire if required, this boiler uses little gas if required for smaller heating loads and has the FULL stage available for heavier heating needs.
  3. High efficiency wall mounted FULLY MODULATING/CONDENSING (MOD-CON) boilers up to 98% gas efficiency. These are the most efficient and most popular styles for retro-fits/renovations/new construction in our community. They, just like the the top end furnaces, “ FIGURE IT OUT" better than any other style of boiler, etc, etc. Quality and price are usually dictated by the heat exchanger materials, starting with copper and aluminized steel then moving up to stainless steel and even Titanium steel on the highest end brands and models. Stronger more expensive materials drive up the cost of the equipment. 
  4. High efficiency COMBI-boilers up to 98% gas efficiency...we add a tankless On-demand water heat exchanger to this wall mounted system eliminating the need for a storage tank in the system! The flow of water is a little less than what a large storage tank system could provide but if it is sized properly & meets your families needs, its a perfect fit for many households in Edmonton & area.

The Benefits of a Boiler

In addition to being incredibly energy efficient, a boiler can be the ideal home heating solution. Boilers can provide hot water to heat your home in a variety of ways, including fancoils and small radiant baseboards, as well as clean hot water for domestic use such as showers or laundry.

  • Energy-smart: Radiant heating is more effective at transferring heat to people, therefore you can run the boiler system less often and feel just as warm – helping you minimize your heating bill and the impact on our environment.
  • Consistent heat: With a fully modulating boiler pump that uses only as much energy as needed and a modulating gas valve that responds to small temperature changes, you’ll experience a consistent level of warmth – and steady savings.
  • Space-saving: Compact wall-mounted “combi” designs, which provide heating and hot water in one package, can be easily retrofitted in existing or new homes.
When is it Time for an Edmonton Boiler Replacement?

Fortunately, there are a few obvious signs that your boiler may need an immediate repair or replacement.

  • Temperature Fluctuation: Water temperatures should be hot as desired.  Warm just isn’t good enough.  If you’re not getting consistent hot water or if there are fluctuations in temperatures, your boiler is most likely damaged.
  • Hissing Sounds: Hissing sounds from your boiler are the result of uneven water distribution and trapped air.  Your goal here is to avoid overheating, so have your boiler inspected by a professional.
  • Leaking Water: A clear sign of a troubled boiler, leaks or puddles surrounding the base of your boiler must be swiftly addressed. Not only does this indicate a boiler-related problem, but it will continue to increase your monthly utility bill until repaired.
  •  Smell of Gas: Immediately call a professional or your Gas Company if you smell gas fumes or a burning smell. This may quickly elevate to an extremely hazardous situation. 
  •  Age: Unreliable, costly repairs

If you recognize any of these signs and suspect your boiler may be deficient, do not hesitate to contact us.  We understand that boilers are an essential part of regular and comfortable household living and our SuperPros work fast to meet whatever unique challenges that may arise.  We guarantee quality customer satisfaction and same day service throughout our great city.


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