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8 Heating System Resolutions to Make for the New Year

8 Heating System Resolutions to Make for the New Year

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Your heating system should be ready to go for 2017 so you can kick off the next 12 months with comforting heat. Right now, we’re already experiencing some record low temperatures, with winds threatening to turn anything in their path into ice. Since you cannot afford to lose heat at a time like this, it’s highly important that you make resolutions for your heating system just in time for the New Year. We know what you’re thinking: “Resolutions? Aren’t they just meant to be broken?” Well, for your heating system, it can mean all the difference in how peacefully you live this year. Heating systems that go unnoticed may wind up being your downfall this winter. You may face a ton of heating problems including poor system efficiency, higher spending on energy bills, shorter system lifespan, and perhaps worst of all, a higher risk of heating hazards like fires and carbon monoxide exposure. You may also have to take a considerable amount out of your savings if you have to seek furnace replacement entirely. This is no way to spend the winter, and will certainly lead to tons of stress. Sure, even if you do think resolutions are needless, you can’t deny establishing a few set goals with your home heating will help you live comfortably as the weather takes a turn for the bitterly cold.

Why Should You Call ProSolutions?

If you want to ensure high-quality heating in your home this year, please call ProSolutions now. We should be your number-one choice for heating service this season. We know what it takes to equip a home with highly efficient heat and have the team of technicians to get it done. Our repairs, installation, replacement, and maintenance work is of the highest quality. All services can be adjusted to meet a wide range of needs so you’re bound to find the service just right for you. Thanks to us, you can experience all sorts of benefits including better system efficiency, extended system lifespan, money saved on any future repair and replacement, a lower risk of encountering safety hazards. Due to improved, more consistent heating capabilities, you will also avoid having hot and cold spots across the house. But perhaps the best of all, your family will be able to stay warm and comfortable even during the worst winter weather. Once you know their needs are met, you can establish a much better peace of mind throughout the season.

What Heating System Resolutions Should You Make This Season?

While you absolutely should make a call our way, here are some general resolutions you should make for the New Year to ensure is 2017 is lit:

  1. I will inspect my home for any air leaks: If you have yet to do it, you should inspect your home for air leaks so you’re not losing any valuable heat. Attics and basements are the most common areas for leaks to form and will often go unnoticed, so make them the first two places you check. Please consult with a professional at ProSolutions to determine your next move.
  2. I will eliminate dirt and debris from the furnace: Cleaning out the dirt and debris from inside your furnace is one the most important yet overlooked parts of the maintenance process. If not cleaned regularly, the filth will build up within the system and begin to impact its efficiency, leaving you paying more on energy bills.
  3. I will change furnace filters monthly: The filters in your furnace should be changed once a month to ensure the best, most-efficient airflow. They can clog due to a buildup of dirt and debris, making the furnace work harder than necessary to produce warm air. Before it costs you tons of money on energy bills, develop a monthly routine in replacing them.
  4. I will install a programmable thermostat: Are you feeling the climate in your home is slightly out of your control? Well, in that case, you should upgrade to a programmable thermostat. It will give you the ability to set the temperature to your liking and ensure your furnace isn’t producing more heat than necessary.
  5. I will call for annual furnace maintenance: You should call ProSolutions for furnace maintenance once a year to guarantee the best heating system performance. One of our heating contractors will give your system a closer look and fix any issues they identify so you can enjoy a steady flow of heat for the next 12 months without worrying about the potential of a breakdown.
  6. I will check the furnace’s pilot light: A properly functioning pilot light should be lit at all times, helping to protect your family from gas leaks. It should also be the color blue, as that will indicate a steady balance gasses in the system. A yellow pilot light indicates the presence of carbon monoxide, which is a deadly yet odorless gas.
  7. I will keep a safe distance from the furnace: Please keep the surrounding area clear of any belongings, especially if those belongings are flammable. You should also keep a few feet away from the furnace when it’s running to ensure you avoid injury in the event it malfunctions.
  8. I will upgrade to energy-efficient heating: With the onset of a new year, you are probably looking to make a few changes anyway, so why not make a change in heating systems? If your current furnace model is not working to the best of its abilities, please consider upgrading in 2017 to ensure more efficient, longer-lasting heating.

Contact ProSolutions today if you want to avoid spending this winter in the cold by learning how to improve your heating system!

By Dan Burrows

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