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Whether we like it or not, Edmonton has serious winters, so now is always a good time to make sure your home is prepared for the inevitable chill to come. Your furnace and water heaters should be checked regularly for the many signs that some service and repair is needed.

Furnace Repair Edmonton

Whether we like it or not, we get winter for over half the year in Edmonton! Be on the lookout for some of these things to know if you need to call...

Water Heater & Boiler Repair Edmonton

So your water heater broke down? We've all been there before. Luckily, water heater repairs are a specialty at ProSolutions! You might discover that..

Filter Replacements Edmonton

HVAC systems are particularly moist environments where such pollutants tend to thrive - this is where ultraviolet air cleaners come into play.

Boiler Repair & Service Edmonton

Many people take their heating systems for granted throughout the year, especially in the summer months. Well, now that it’s getting chilly out and yo

Amazing service. My hot water tank needed to be replaced. I called and it was done the same day. Steve was amazing and was very patient with my questions and concerns. The service was great. Steve did a great job and I am very satisfied. Will definitely recommend ProSolutions to anyone needing work done.

Terry D. – Edmonton

    The right technicians. The Right Company. One call solves it all!


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