Water Filtration Maintenance

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Water Softeners

Make certain the salt is of BEST quality and is always 1/2 full in the salt bin...a good salt dissolves totally and avoids “bridging” or becoming like “salt concrete” at the bottom of the bin.

WHOLE HOME chlorine and sediment filter

Once the flow of water SLOWS DOWN in the home...most noticeable at a shower head because they are lower flow...it’s time to order a new one and replace the one that is plugged up  and filtering for the whole house now restricting your water flow.

REVERSE OSMOSIS drinking filters

We recommend NO LESS than 1 year for replacement filters so as to avoid any bacteria build up OR due to excessive volume the TASTE CHANGES and you need to replace to filters sooner. A typical membrane on an RO system can last an average of 4 years safely...3 for homes with HIGH USE drinking water filtration and 5 years typically for LOW USE drinking water filtration. Just be aware if you have. 2, 3 or 4 different filters excluding the membrane. Then you can be certain to order and have prepared a filter service change out so as NOT to experience a bad tasting water situation.


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