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Sink & Toilet Drain Cleaning in Edmonton

The drains in your kitchen and bathroom are often under heavy strain. They are used many times daily, helping to wash away the day’s dirt and grime. These drains all connect to the sewer system so if they become clogged, they can slow your whole plumbing system to a halt. Sinks and toilets can commonly become clogged due to a variety of items that you should be aware of.

But never fear, because ProSolutions is here to solve all of your sink and toilet clogs in Edmonton! Our local professionals are simply the best when it comes to kitchen and bathroom drain cleaning, and we’re even able to restore flow to your drains on the same day as your call.

Common Causes of Sink & Toilet Clogs

The most common causes of sink and toilet clogs in Edmonton are:

  • Grease
  • Food
  • Soap scum
  • Sanitary items
  • Paper products
  • Toys

These items may enter the drain through normal use, or in the case of toys, through the unobserved play of a child. In addition, as time goes by the normal items that move through your drains may become stuck to the walls of the drain, causing a buildup.

You should never flush sanitary wipes or female hygiene products — even the “flushable” variety!

If you have a clog, it’s likely one of these usual suspects. But no matter the blockage, the ProSolutions experts can handle it!

Kitchen and Bath Drain Cleaning Benefits

While some homeowners may reach for a commercial drain cleaning products, these often do more harm than good. The caustic chemicals can damage your pipes, ruin the finish of the drains and lead to more problems in the future. The only real way to stop a clog is to call in a great plumber!

Call the drain cleaning experts at ProSolutions and get your pipes running like new again today!