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During the hot and humid summer months, the last thing you need is a broken AC. After all, you rely on your air conditioning to keep your home cool and the indoor air quality high. But an AC that hasn’t been properly maintained or that’s simply reaching the end of its lifespan can start to malfunction.

Air Conditioning Options

  1. Basic 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) how much electricity it uses during each cycle of operation, is the minimum basic efficiency for our City. Newer home construction requires 14.5 SEER minimum for higher/greener efficiencies.
  2. Medium 14-16 SEER units use less electricity each cycle, have better components as the SEER gets higher, they get quieter as the models go higher and the warranties improve also.
  3. Higher 16-18 SEER 2-stage systems have a lower stage to save on electricity and a higher stage for hotter days as required. Quieter still, better warranties and components and ideal for homes that have zoning systems for level to level and even room to room temperature control.
  4. BEST 17-25 SEER INVERTER AC systems...the ultimate...pennies a day to operate and quieter than steady breathing while you don't even know it's on!
  5. 17-24 SEER Ductless mini-splits are ideal for condos or hard to reach areas and light commercial applications like computer server rooms where existing ducting cannot improve the cooling control OR there are no access to merging a central system like the ones described above. Super quiet and compact, pennies to operate. Lots of options for stylish interior wall units to suit a homes style as required.
Here are some signs your AC isn’t working properly anymore:
  • Your energy bills are getting higher, even though you’re not using more appliances.
  • The AC doesn’t cool the indoor temperature sufficiently, or there are fluctuations in the temperature.
  • The appliance makes unusual noises.
  • The indoor air quality is low, with high humidity. It can even contain dust particles or other pollutants.
  • The air conditioner emits a bad or electrical burning odor.
  • The appliance leaks all over the furnace in the basement.

Benefits of AC Replacement

  • Improved energy-efficiency, which means a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills.
  • Improved cooling capacity.
  • Better cool, dryer air quality.
  • Quieter operation
  • Exceptional warranty protection
  • No unpleasant or distracting sounds or smells.
  • No water damage due to leaks.

At the same time, when you’re about to replace your air conditioner, it’s a good opportunity to consider whether you’d prefer to switch to a central air system with air ducts, or if you want to be able to control room temperatures separately, a series of mini-split ACs or to consider a zoning system to con

Whatever your AC preference, it’s always in your best interest to discuss your needs with your local HVAC specialist at ProSolutions. With our comprehensive knowledge of ACs and a good overview of your demands, we can offer a number of transparently-priced solutions tailor-made for your situation.

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