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Edmonton Drain Cleaning

Edmonton Drain Cleaning

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It has happened to all of us; we try and flush a toilet or wash items down a drain and the water goes nowhere, you have a clog. Drain clogs are extremely frustrating but can be easily remedied by the right plumbing contractor. For residents of Edmonton, the right choice is ProSolutions. With over 25 years in the plumbing business, we know what we are doing and work our hardest to remedy your problems quickly and efficiently.

About Drain Problems in Edmonton

There are several reasons why clogs develop in your drains. As you use your drains hair, grease, food, paper products, waste and other items can begin to coat the walls of your pipes. This coating of grime can grow large enough to reduce the available area in your pipes to as little as half their diameter. Another problem that can cause drain problems is tree roots that grow into your pipes and block the flow of water through your drains. In addition, depending on the composition of your drains and pipes, the additives in Edmonton’s water can react with your pipe structure and cause corrosion to develop. Corrosion presents two problems for your pipes; they can contribute to clogs and also eat through your pipes, creating leaks.

ProSolutions can resolve all of your drain problems with drain cleaning.

How Are Drains Cleaned in Edmonton?

ProSolutions cleans drains with a few different tools and steps. The first step involves feeding a drain snake into your drain to break apart the clog and to allow the standing water to flow through your drains once again. After we allow the standing water to drain, we will use one of our drain cameras to inspect the condition of your drains. The drain cameras will allow us to determine if there are any leaks, cracks or gaps in the pipes and give us a first-hand look at the composition of your clogs.

After your drains have been inspected, we will use our Hydrojetting machine to clean the walls of your pipes. The Hydrojetting machine uses high-pressure water that blasts the grime and buildup from your pipe walls and restores your pipes back to their original diameter. Hydrojetting is the only method that guarantees your drains are clean, and that removes all tree roots, buildup or grime from your pipes. We will do a final inspection to make sure your drains are completely clean and in good condition.

ProSolutions offer service to your home or business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are here for you no matter what time of day, call ProSolutions today.

By Dan Burrows

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