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Boiler Repair Service in Edmonton

Many people take their heating systems for granted throughout the year, especially in the summer months. Well, now that it’s getting chilly out and you need to start bringing coats with you wherever you go, it’s time to show your boiler some love. If you’re wondering why a service, repair, or replacement is necessary on your system, here are some good reasons:

  • Efficiency: Today’s models can be up to 35% more efficient than an older one you may have in your home.
  • Reliability: Like anything, as they age boilers become less reliable and need to be repaired on a more regular basis. It might not be worth it for much longer to keep dishing out money on repairs
  • Safety: Boilers are safe appliances regardless of their age, but if an older one does not receive a fresh supply of combustion air that could post a health hazard.

Boiler Services We Perform

You may have a perfectly new boiler that’s in good condition so you’re probably not thinking about a replacement just yet. However, it’s still a good idea to have it serviced every now and again to keep it running like new. Some of the tasks ProSolutions will perform are:

  • Perform boiler system flushing to clear mineral deposit build-up
  • Fix radiator problems
  • Replace faulty pilot lights
  • Repair faulty valves

Benefits Of A Boiler Replacement

If your boiler is not so new and is starting to show signs of failing, then boiler service replacement is your best option. You don’t want to keep spending buckets of money on repairs for a machine that’s on its way out anyway. Still not sure? Check out this list of reasons why upgrading your boiler would be beneficial to you and your family:

  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Save money on your utility bills
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Clean and compact installation
  • Reliable operation

What ProSolutions Can Do For You

Not convinced yet? Well, along with any repairs or installation work we do, we also:

  • Give free estimates on project work
  • Have financing plans and maintenance agreements
  • Can install most boilers in one day

If we’ve now convinced you that maintaining and replacing your heating systems is the right thing to do this fall, then call ProSolutions today!

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Our Promise

Our highly trained and fully licensed professionals provide personalized client and equipment care, whether it is an emergency call or a maintenance check-up. We offer financing plans and maintenance agreements to make any repair or replacement projects you need affordable and easy. With over 15 years in the business, our goal is to keep our customers completely satisfied.

About ProSolutions Edmonton

At ProSolutions, we provide personalized client and equipment care – from regular heating and cooling check-ups and maintenance to emergency service and repairs to installing new equipment. From your initial contact through completion, our experienced staff will offer expert advice and product recommendations based on your specific needs. We work with you to custom-tailor your solution, including maintenance, warranty, and financing options.

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