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3 Types of Heating System Installations

3 Types of Heating System Installations

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A heating system installation needs to be taken into serious consideration before you put down the cash for any system. If you want to avoid a heating system breakdown, higher costs on heating bills, or a general lack of comfort in your home, consideration before purchasing is absolutely essential. When you factor in the fact that 48% of a home’s energy budget is geared toward heating, installing any random heating system may prove costly. Not only will you have to worry about higher energy costs, but also deal with higher repair and maintenance costs as well. In addition, installing the wrong system will also mean you have to spend even more money on a replacement in the near future. All of these issues can build up to huge money loss that will take you a long to recover. If you to maintain a steady flow of heat without putting a huge dent in your savings, calling a professional heating contractor with years of experience will ensure you get the heating system just right for you.

Calling ProSolutions for Heating Services

Luckily, you can find an experienced heating contractor at ProSolutions. Thanks to amazing customer service, we will help you land the perfect heating system. We have a wide selection of gas furnaces available for you, each their own unique set of benefits. If you are a homeowner wanting to reduce your carbon footprint may be looking for a furnace both friendly to the environment and energy bills, we can certainly provide. We can also assist if you are just looking for a change and instead want a heating system more in tune with the unique needs of your household. However, whatever you do, don’t wait too long for heating system installation or else it may determine just how comfortably you live this season.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing?

Before we go into detail on the different types of heating systems out there, here are some factors to consider when making a choice on what to purchase:

  • Maintenance Schedule: Before you purchase a heating system, do you how much it will take to maintain it? Heating system maintenance is essential to your overall level of comfort and will help you avoid breakdowns, but how often you take care of it will vary depending on the system. You also need to factor how much it will cost you on maintenance bills annually.
  • Heating System Size: Installing the wrong sized system can lead to many problems, including frequent system breakdowns and poor energy efficiency. Please have one of the heating contractors from ProSolutions take a good look around your home before any installation work is done to ensure your heating system can fit in your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your chosen heating system may work well, but perhaps it costs too much on energy bills. In that case, before you make a purchase, consider the system’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The higher the AFUE rating, the more likely your furnace will be able to save money on energy costs.
  • Product Reviews: Internet research is one of the most effective ways of determining what heating system would be right for you, primarily with the help of product review sites. Reading customer reviews will let you know which brands of heating systems are trustworthy and which brands are to be avoided.

What Types of Heating Systems Are Available?

ProSolutions should be your number-one destination for a heating system installation. We house the latest models from brands like Goodman to ensure long-lasting heat in your home. However, with ductless systems and heat pumps also on the market, you may be a little tripped up trying to figure out how to differentiate each system. To ensure you are not installing the wrong system, here is an overview of the 3 main types you will come across:

  1. Gas Furnaces: The great thing about furnaces today is they feature a higher level of energy-efficiency compared to models of yesteryear. By having a furnace installation, you will be able to save so much more on energy bills without having to sacrifice heat. Gas furnaces now feature a second heat exchanger, sealed combustion, and a 90% to 98.5% AFUE rating. Due to their smaller installation cost compared to other heating systems, a gas furnace is one of the most popular types to install, and you should book an appointment with ProSolutions to make it happen.
  2. Ductless Systems: These systems provide heat by breaking up your home into zones, meaning warm air will be going to the rooms of your home needing it the most. Since they also do not use ducts, you will also avoid any dust and allergen buildup, resulting in better indoor air quality. These systems are also known as mini-split systems.
  3. Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are unique in the sense that they absorb heat from the ground or air and drop it into your home. During the summer, they can reverse this process and work as an air conditioner. Since they rely less on gas fuel, they will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on energy bills.

Winter Is Coming – Don’t Be Stuck With A Faulty Heating System – Schedule A Heating System Installation Today

Contact ProSolutions today if you want to ensure you have warm air for the coldest days ahead with our heating system installation!

By Dan Burrows

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