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Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Edmonton

Every day you count on your drains to remove unwanted wastewater but when you suffer from P.I.T.D (or PAIN In The Drain syndrome)... your drains are refusing to cooperate.

Symptoms include sluggish or slow flow, partial or full blockage, a wide range of funny noises and possibly the lingering scent of unpleasant odors. You may also encounter the presence of :

  • Roots
  • Sludge
  • Grease build-up
  • Dirt
  • Hair follicles 
  • Collapsed or Broken Pipe
  • And the toothpaste cap you dropped down the drain years ago… 

We have plumbing snakes and powered drain cleaning machines of all sizes and for every application to clear even the most stubborn case of Pain in the drain. We work on every type of drain in your home including:

  • Kitchen Drains
  • Bathroom Drains
  • Tub Drains
  • Laundry Drains
  • Main Drains
  • Rain Water Drains
  • And even Sewer Line Drains

If you’re having repeated problems with multiple plumbing fixtures, the problem might be something more than just a clog in the local P-trap. You might have a blockage in your main drain. The main drain is the sewage line that carries waste-water away from your home and to the public sewer system. When it isn’t draining properly or, worse, starts to backup, you’ll notice all of your plumbing appliances acting up!

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

The back-up of sewage is far more costly and dangerous to our health than clean water flooding. Getting your drains cleaned professionally on a regular basis will prevent any problems in the future.

Video Camera Inspection

Your worst plumbing problems are most likely going to be underground. Out of sight, out of mind? Tricked YA! If you have an issue with your sewer system, your best bet for finding it is to get a sewer video camera inspection for your homes’ drainage system.

Essentially, a sewer camera is a camera-tipped cable that a plumber can thread through the main access port of your sewer mainline. The camera will show the interior of the pipe on an external monitor so the plumber can diagnose any issues happening in your drains — he can see tree roots, build up,broken lines and outdated materials all on the screen, and so can you.

High Water Pressure Jetting (Hydro Jetting)

Every year, build-up occurs in your sewer system and impacts the performance of your drains. Materials like oil, grease, residue, and sediment mostly due to styles of cooking accumulate and restrict the flow capacity of your pipes. Over time, this means your clogs become more frequent and your plumbing system will need more constant attention & emergency service.

Drain snaking and rootering can help clear blockages, but these tools don’t solve the source of the problem. If the build-up on the lining inside of your drains, restricting their diameter, isn’t addressed with simple drain clearing, our SuperPros will have to get more aggressive! Older plumbing is always going to be more susceptible to problems, such as:

  • Standing Water in Sinks
  • Frequent Back-Ups
  • Main Line Backflow
  • Basement Flooding
  • Odours in Your Living Areas
  • Plumbing Fixtures Breaking Down

If you (like many Edmonton area homeowners) live in a home built before 1989, poor drainage may have a chronic impact on the health of your homes plumbing system.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

  1. More Permanent– Eliminate those recurring clogs! Get a healthier home with smoother plumbing in just one short procedure.
  2. Less Expensive– Sewer repair and replacement can be costly and pipe excavation can be destructive to your yard and landscaping. With hydro jetting, you can avoid high excavation prices and unnecessary damage. But not every plumber offers this advanced solution!
  3. 100% Safe and Effective– Hydro Jetting is not only friendly to your plumbing, it’s also completely safe for the environment. It’s an energy efficient and clean solution!
  4. Better Results– If you’ve been struggling with recurring clogs, you can finally put them behind you with high water pressure jetting from our SuperPros.
  5. State-of-the-Art Plumbing– All of our plumbers are licensed, certified, experienced, and well-trained on how to use hydro jetting equipment properly so you experience all of its advantages. Get the best solution from the best Pros in the field!
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