Sewer & Drain Maintenance

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Sewer & Drain Maintenance


Do you have a slow drain in your sink due to cooking fat or hair? Or a more serious blockage in your sewer system? Or perhaps you just need some drain cleaning to prevent future problem… From nasty household blockages to the most stubborn clogs in sewage systems are SuperPro's can help!

With over 33 years of experience we know how to find the cause – and the best solution – for any type of clogged drain.

We can help you:

  • Clear general drain blockages e.g. slow drains in the kitchen, bath, or toilet;
  • Clear extra-stubborn clogs: using a BIO-CLEAN Organic Powder that clears those blockages that just won’t let go – without damaging pipes;
  • Maintain your drains and sewage system with regular cleaning to prevent future problems;
  • Remove tree roots that can lead to drain problems.

Our Services:

ROOT-EX Root Inhibitor

This service will keep roots away once you have them machined for about a year. This is a good annual maintenance once you have removed their influence from the main sewer line and can keep the hair-like roots from growing back into the sewer line and creating blockages.

BIO-CLEAN Organic Powder

This powder helps break down simple build up in any plumbing drain with a trap (sinks, tubs, showers, washing machines & floor drains). Once a hydro jetting or main sewer service is completed, a simple purchase of a container of BIO-CLEAN with a scoop in the drains every 6-12 months will keep the build up from wreaking havoc in the future and improve your homes drain performance.

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