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Whole House Water Filtration System Installation in Edmonton

Whole House Water Filtration System Installation in Edmonton

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While water is an essential component of a happy and healthy body, the water in your home may be doing more harm than good. Edmonton residents need to call ProSolutions to have a water filtration system installed in their home. ProSolutions has 25 years in the contracting business and offers all of our customers the best guarantees in the business.

About Water Filtration Systems in Edmonton

The water that pumps into Edmonton homes from the city contains large amounts of chlorine and other additives that can damage the human body. The City of Edmonton puts chlorine, and other additives into the city’s water supply to kill bacteria and diseases that can cause mass sickness. While additives achieve their job of keeping bacteria out of our water, they pose some significant health risks to our bodies. Some studies show that excess chlorine in our bodies can contribute to cancer, heart disease, and other ailments.

Water can also have debris and other elements that can affect the taste of the water.  Water filtration systems remove the chlorine, additives, sediment, and odors from your water before it comes out of your fixtures, giving your home or business clean, healthy water.

How Are Water Filtration Systems Installed in Edmonton?

When our technicians come out to your home they will first inspect your piping and give you a quote on installing a whole home water filtration system. Testing the water and knowing your water needs can help us recommend the best water filtration system for your needs. We will tie the system into your home and give you all of the training you need to use the system.

For homes that also suffer from hard water, we also offer whole house water treatment systems. These systems will soften your water and then filter the water to remove harmful elements.

What Other Water Filtration Services Does ProSolutions Offer?

Once your water filtration system is installed we offer maintenance and other services to our customers. Here is what we offer you:

  • Free water testing and assessment services for residential and commercial customers. Water treatment recommendation and implementation.
  • Maintenance and repair of reverse osmosis units and water softeners.
  • Filter change service – automatic notification by email or phone – annual or semiannual filter change on reverse osmosis systems.
  • Well chlorination.
  • Maintenance and repair of water distillers.
  • Maintenance and repair of pressure tanks.
  • Maintenance and repair of iron filters.
  • Chemical feed.
  • Filter changes.

Don’t let your water do more harm than good, call ProSolutions today.

By Dan Burrows

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